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iQi Wired Zigbee Gateway

iQi Wired Zigbee Gateway

Item Code : iQiG02

Wired Zigbee Gateway 


  • Wired ZigBee Gateway helps to connect the Ethernet wired network and multiple zigbee Air Quality Monitors and other zigbee devices.
  • Recommended for commercial and large deployments. This product can connect up to 50 ZigBee devices.


Suitable for commercial installations where multiple IAQ devices are installed to measure and maintain the building's air quality. These monitors connect using zigbee protocol and form a mesh network to cover small to large scale installations. 


UPC : 850037325191

Electrical Parameters : 5v 1A

Product Size : 4 x 4 x 1 in

Product Weight : 0.2 lb.

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