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We got solution to all your IAQ needs.


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IAQ Products

IAQ Store has a vide range of IAQ products for both your air quality monitoring and remediation needs. 

The monitoring devices cover an extensive number of IAQ sensors for single home to large industrial installations. 

There is no one silver bullet to solve all air quality issues. Different devices solve different aspects of the IAQ problems. We got you covered. IAQ products covers all possible remediation types like filtration, purification, humidity control, ventilation, ERVs, HRVs, etc

Our product catalog on the IAQ store is brand agnostic and our A.I engine recommends the right product that best solves the air quality need of the customers.

IAQ Experts

Our platform has 8000 certified IAQ professionals who can remotely manage your air quality and provide periodic recommendations based on the air quality levels observed in your building. 

The IAQ experts provide personalized consultations to not just remediate the air quality issues but also to identify the source and fix the problem at the source. 

We also offer customized air quality maintenance tailored to best suit the need of your building. 

Our Experts and platform help you comply with air quality standards set by organizations like ASHRAE, WELL, EPA, RESET, NORMI, etc

IAQ Solutions

We have partnered with IAQ service providers and laboratories around the country. You name any IAQ service we have a partner who can provide the service to you in your region. 

Be it a Duct/HVAC cleaning/sanitizing service  or a Mold Remediation or a Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Service or IAQ Restoration service our partners offer all air quality solutions. 

We have collaborations with accredited laboratories who can perform microbial pollutants testing and extensive air quality analysis for the samples collected at your buildings.  

You can favorite products/services/solutions in your IAQ Store and it will be published as a part of your report and recommendations.

Do you need your IAQ Product or IAQ Service listed on our portal? 

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