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IAQ Health Test

Evidence-based Instant IAQ Assessments Anytime/Anywhere are now possible with our IAQ Doctor kits. Create instant personalized IAQ Reports & Recommend your products with evidence.

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The ONLY Instant Multi-location Air Quality Assessment Kit in the market.

IAQ Doctor is Your Trusted Sales Companion for Evidence-Based Proposals, Bids, Quotes, and Estimates.

Evidence-based Personalized Reports

IAQ Doctor provides you with a detailed report using accurate analysis from our A. I engine. It also provides an Interactive Instagram-style walkthru personalized for your customers.


It explains how well they are meeting the air quality standards set by ASHRAE, WELL, EPA, RESET, FITWEL, etc. When you propose recommendations, upgrades, and solutions, your customers are convinced with the proposal and establish strong trust in you because what you propose is backed by the data. 

It's a new era - 'Evidence-based Proposals'. 

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Instant, Portable & Reusable

IAQ Doctor is portable and truly mobile. It comes with an LTE data connection and a battery pack. With our kit, You can walk into a building and start the IAQ assessment in seconds. Literally with a click of a button, Anytime, Anywhere.

Our system measures 10 critical Indoor Air Quality parameters (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, VOC, Formaldehyde, Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, AQI) that are essential to keep a healthy Indoor environment and occupants' well-being.


It gives you the most extensive mobile reports and walk-thru in less than 5 seconds.

Present your product with Evidence

You can work with us to get your products listed in our store. The products and services listed will be presented to the customers as recommended products in the autogenerated reports as appropriate. 

You can also favorite your product to include it in the data-backed personalized recommendations in both report and Walkthru. 

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2-in-1 Multi-location Assessments

IAQ Doctor Pro comes with 3 monitors that can simultaneously profile Air Quality from multiple locations for a desired duration and presents a comprehensive IAQ analysis of the building.


This multi-location analysis will help you identify the most affected area and also help find the source of the pollution.


IAQ Doctor can be upgraded to add any number of monitors into the assessments for larger buildings. 

You can do the same equipment to perform continuous air quality monitoring as well, Making it the 2-in-2 multilocation IAQ analyzer in the country.

ISO Certified

All our air quality sensors are ISO certified and accurate. An ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration is recognized internationally and it could be considered a step above a NIST calibration. 


The platform also provides comparison of Indoor vs Outdoor and recommends IAQ standards and solution based on the outdoor air quality and the air quality levels compared to others in a given zipcode.

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Watch Demo Video Here!!

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