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Air Quality Doctor - Quick Start Guide

Watch the video to get started with your Air Quality Doctor Assessments

Step 1 - Download App

Go to your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and download the app "Air Quality Doctor"





Step 2 - Sign Up

  1. Open the Air Quality Doctor App and click on 'Sign Up'

  2. Enter the details and create your account. An OTP will be sent to your email id & Phone number for validation.


Step 3 - Pair Your Device(s)

  1. Power on the Monitor by pressing the center button for 2 seconds

  2. In the app when asked 'allow while using the app' or 'always' permission for Bluetooth & Location

  3. In the Home Dashboard screen click on the pair devices button

  4. Your device will be discovered and listed within 5 seconds

  5. Click on the device and confirm to 'pair'

  6. Click on the arrow to set up Device name and color code 






Repeat steps 1-6 to finish pairing all of your monitors

Step 4 - BLDG Store Activation

  1. Go to BLDG Store tab to activate your subscription. Your kits come with a redeem code to activate your first year FREE subscription.

  2. Click on Activate Subscription & enter the redeem code pasted inside the top foam of your kit.

  3. You can set up your payment method for the next year subscription or skip it for now to set up later. You will be reminded later to set up the payment when its due. 

  4. BLDG store helps you to add your products to the store and favorite the products you want to highlight in the reports as recommended products.

Step 5 - Favorite your Products​

  1. You can favorite the products you carry in every category by clicking on the heart icon. You can choose visibility preference for the product.

    • Only for anomaly - Recommends this product in the reports only when there is an anomaly/issue found in customer assessment for the associated air quality parameter.

    • All the time - Recommend this product in the reports all the time irrespective of customers air quality data.​

  2. You can change your settings anytime.​


Step 6 - Report Settings

  1. Click on the profile icon on the top of the screen

  2. Go to Report Settings

  3. This is where you can set up your profile, phone number for customers to call or text you. The details will be shown in the Reports and your contact details will be embedded to the interactive walkthru report for customers to call you from within their report screen. 

Step 7 - Start your First Air Quality Doctor Assessment

  1. Place the monitor(s) in the places of the customer site where you want to measure the air quality.

  2. You can start the assessment by 2 ways

    • From the App : Click on the Start button next to the device

    • From the Device : Press and hold the right button on the device for 2 seconds

  3. Timer will start on the device LED screen along with a progress bar​

  4. Measure the air quality for required period of time

  5. You can end the assessment by 2 ways

    • From the App : Click on the End button next to the device

    • From the Device : Press and hold the right button on the device for 2 second

  6. To offer personalized experience to your customers, Make sure customer data (Name, address & timezone) is set up before generating reports by clicking on the top arrow as shown in the picture above. (Image#2)​


Step 8 - Generate Report & Share

  1. click on Generate Report and Confirm (Make sure you have good internet connectivity on your mobile device)​

  2. Within a minute the data will be synced to the cloud server and your interactive walkthru and PDF reports will be generated and be available for you to share with your customers.

  3. You can check your older reports in the 'Reports' tab.


App Settings

For better experience make sure you have the bluetooth and location permissions are enabled. You can click on App settings under Profile to enable permissions quickly.

Profile Set up

For better user experience, make sure your profile details are set up accurately. The country is defaulted to United States. For Canada users please change it to Canada. 

User Calibration

  1. Our sensors come pre calibrated. However sensors over time need to be calibrated. You have the flexibility to do calibration at your location without needing to send it to our factory for calibration. 

  2. Click on Pair Device button in Dashboard tab & click on the device you want to calibrate from the paired devices list.

  3. Click on Calibration

  4. Set up the offset value for the specific sensor that needs to be calibrated. Make sure you enter the total offset value always. For Ex: If you had offset the PM2.5 offset to Add 5 and now you feel you want to add 2 to it, you need to enter 7. Use this option only when necessary. 

Mobile Screen.png
Air Quality Doctor Product Manual

Product Specifications

  • LCD screen display

  • Test variables: Carbon dioxide (CO2), PM2.5/PM10, HCHO, TVOC, temperature, humidity

  • Large 3000mAh capacity Lithium battery

  • 5V Micro USB charging

  • Low battery warning

  • Over-the-air update (OTA)

  • Bluetooth/BLE Pairing


Product Description

The Air Quality Doctor is an Indoor air quality monitoring device used to measure critical air quality parameters - PM2,5, PM10, PM1, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, TVOC and Formaldehyde. The air quality monitoring and report generation are made easy with a click of a button.

Warranty Policy

Please visit for warranty policy.


Please read the instructions carefully before using this device. Please let the device work few mins outdoors before use for most accurate results. Please keep the manual handy for quick reference and troubleshooting.


Avoid covering the air intake areas during use to avoid inaccurate measurements.

Avoid use of solvents to clean the product as residual fumes will skew air quality readings. Keep away from water or other liquids near the product to avoid electrical damage. Do not allow unauthorized modification or repair of this product. Do not open or disassemble the product.

Use only in Indoor dry locations.

Take precautions while charging the device, use only the accessories provided.

Obstruction to any of the above will void the warranty.



Device ON/OFF: Long press the center button for 2-seconds.

Auto Calibration: Short press the Left button 3 times.

Hard Reset: Long press the Left button for 5 seconds (This will unpair the monitor from the mobile device and clear all data stored).

Start / End Assessment from Device: Long Press the Right button for 2 seconds. A Beep sound will be heard.          

The USB charging port is on the back side of the monitor.



Booting: The device will boot up after the device is Switched ON. It takes a couple of minutes for the device to warm up and start showing air quality parameters. 

Mobile App: You need to install the Air Quality Doctor mobile app to obtain the data from the monitor and process it to generate reports. 


In the power-on state, put the device in outdoors or a place in clean good air. After 5~10 minutes, press the left button for 3 short times. The calibration process will be started with a short beep sound. The HCHO/TVOC calibration will be started. Wait until the calibration is completed (approximately 1 min)


When the low battery icon is displayed, the device needs to be charged. Plug in the provided micro-USB charging cable into the device. Attach the other end to a power outlet that outputs DC 5V at >=1000mA. Fully charge for at least 2-3 hours before use. Avoid charging with a USB computer port which only outputs 500mA.


If there is an update in the device firmware the OTA feature can be used. During OTA updates the percentage of completion will be displayed on the device, please do not press any buttons until the update is finished, as it might corrupt the firmware.

Sensor Technical Specification



Range: -45℃-130℃

Resolution: 0.015℃

Accuracy: ±0.3℃



Range: 0%RH-100%RH

Resolution: 0.01%

Accuracy: ±3%RH


Range: 400-6000 ppm

Resolution: 1 ppm

Accuracy: ±(50ppm+5% of the reading)


Range: 0-2000 ug/m3

Resolution: 1 ug/m3

Accuracy: ±10 (0~100 µg/m3)

                  ±10% (≥100 µg/m3)


Range: 0-99999 ppb

Resolution: 1 ppb

Accuracy: (25℃/50%RH) 25% reading



Range: 0 - 1999 ppb

Resolution: 0.001mg/m3

Accuracy: 25% reading

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