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Building Health Test & IAQ Test

Your Trusted Sales Companion with Evidence Based Recommendations​

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The Demand for IAQ Grew By 400% last year!

Learn How other Contractors Grow their Business
with our IAQ solutions?

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IAQ Health Test

  • 2-in-1: Instant Air Quality Assessments & Continuous Air Quality Monitoring

  • Tracks 10 critical Air Quality Parameters

  • A.I. based reports and recommendations

BLDG Health Test

  • State of the art Filter & DUCT Screening Technology to analyze, and track Particulate, Pathogens, Allergens, and Mold in Buildings

  • An A.I. powered inexpensive way to analyze and track Building Health & IAQ


Why do Customers buy from Contractors with
'Evidence-based Proposals'?

With Evidence-based Recommendations, Customers are confident they are spending $$ only on the issues that matter to them.

Customers spend less $$ to fix a problem because Evidence-based proposals give data-backed optimal recommendations to fix the source.

Bad experiences in the past with 'Hunch-based SLEAZY SALESMEN' and Opinion-based Useless Solutions.

Trusted by the Greatest

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